SRCCON Roundup

So the first ever SRCCON just wrapped up. Many thanks to @dansinker, @kissane, @erika_owens and @erikwestra for having put it together.

Here are some of the things that I took note of:

  1. Did you know Vox is hiring?
  2. @dansinker suggests that we start sharing our work, not just showing it. I can dig it.
  3. @SusanEMcG invites everyone to submit projects for the 3rd Computation + Journalism Symposium on 10/24 and 10/25.
  4. Glance through the SRCCON Daily Briefs by @nsonnad, @stimply, and @YAN0, there’s some funny stuff in there.
  5. If you’re hiring, check this list out, or like, hire me
  6. The MinnPost has some pretty clean styles, they have the documentation on github. You can check it the entire style guide here MinnPostStyles.
  7. Some of us found out that Woody Allen can indeed be confused with Martin Scorsese.
  8. And in what I like to call the Read vs. Write battle, @jeremybowers and his much talked about debate skills were put up against @whitecoatcapxg and her equally mentioned stenography skills. While Bowers managed to defeat Miller, her witty responses to the loss were most definitely a win for her, and really, all of us.
  9. @onyxfish didn’t make it to SRCCON but check this out…
  10. The Center for Public Integrity is hiring.
  11. If you were wondering what the SRCCON folks all acquired for the coffee hacking stations, check this gist out.
  12. And lastly, a riddle: How many favorites could a @yurivictor fav bot fav if a fav bot could fav #SRCCON? I’ll let y’all know if @yurivictor responds.

So okay, now that SRCCON has wrapped up, what was your takeaway?

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